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6-15 years

MFS After-School Football Training


MFS Football Training in Schools is a health-oriented football program in cooperation with schools in Singapore. We focus on "learning to move" especially in our school programs. The exercise and training programs are designed efficiently and creatively so that the children get moving again after sitting for a long time in class. Health and motor skills are closely related. Balance, dexterity, reaction, and concentration - are just a few examples of skills that are improved and are also of great benefit in everyday life. Of course, as always, the focus is on having fun playing football.


"Lots of tricks, lots of running, lots of jumping, lots of shooting, lots of fun".


Generation Playstation - the increasing lack of exercise in our children causes movement deficits as well as health impairments and perception disorders. In addition, more and more physical education classes have been cut in schools in recent years. With our program, we want to close this gap in the physical education of children. Through targeted training of coordinative skills, postural and muscular weaknesses, in particular, are prevented or even reduced.


Investment per player: 120,00 SGD/month for 1x60Min training per week.


This offer could also take place in your school! Please contact us.

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